Davie Shoring is one of the largest and most trusted companies in the industry. They have elevated thousands of homes and are nationally recognized for their superior Permalock technology. Since their humble beginnings Davie Shoring has earned a reputation as a name you can trust. Davie Shoring’s Permalock system is an interlocking piling that carries a lifetime transferrable warranty. True to New Orleans style, Davie shoring strives in every elevation to maintain traditional New Orleans flair by using ornamental handrails, decorative vents and split face block. You can view the photo gallery here. Below is a list of a few services they specialize in.

We Elevate Homes

We use the cutting edge technology Permalock, computerized levels, unified jacking systems, coupled with heavily experienced lift supervisors to ensure a professional job done. We Can Elevate Your Home.

We Make Homes

We offer a lot more than just elevating, moving, leveling & shoring homes. We build homes.

We Move Homes

It takes a lot of care to move your number one investment and the professionals at Davie Shoring move houses as if they are their own. If you need to demolish a home to rebuild a new one, think about a more green alternative and call Davie Shoring to come and take it off the property. We move homes.

We Shore Homes

We use a unified jacking system to ensure the house is being moved in a unified manner which minimizes further cracking of houses. We shore houses.