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The Davie Shoring Crew

The Davie Shoring Crew

About Davie Shoring Inc.

  • Davie Shoring Inc. has been in business since 1993 and has grown to include 15 crews and 10 experienced supervisors. Davie Shoring has the production capacity to elevate 100+ homes per month.
  • Davie Shoring has elevated over 2000 homes in the flood prone areas of South Louisiana in the past 20 years. We work together with all federal, state, and parish grant programs.
  • Davie Shoring specializes in house shoring, leveling, foundation repair, elevation and moving…Davie Shoring has grown to become the largest, fastest, most trusted and efficient local shoring and foundation company in Louisiana.
  • Since 2005 we have worked on and completed over 1300 houses and just in the past year we have elevated over 150 slab homes.
  • Davie shoring can lift any size home, to any height required; this includes all homes with 2nd and 3rd stories along with any additions.

Facts About Davie Shoring Inc.

      • We have had the privilege of participating in the Rebuilding Together New Orleans along with The Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans.
      • Davie Shoring moved an 1884 Gazebo that is registered with the National Registry of Historic Landmarks, in Abita Springs.
      • In 2005 we won the award for the heaviest Building moved not on rubber-tired dollies by the International Association of House Movers. We elevated a 605-ton structure 10 feet.
      • Davie Shoring has been featured on HGTV on two different episodes of Hauling House
        (“Hydraulic Haul” and “Model Home on the Move”).
      • In August 2000 Davie Shoring was involved in saving eight historic houses scheduled for demolition because of a new Albertsons on Barrone St in New Orleans. We were able to coordinate with the power line company and had 6 of the historic homes moved in less than 3 days. (Note Article in “Preservation in Print” Vol. 27 Num. 7)
      • Davie Shoring is IASM (International Association of Structure Movers) 2013 award winner for “Heaviest structure moved NOT on rubber tires” for a 720 ton structure lifted 10 feet. We were also recognized for the “Most Innovative Move” for moving a 1440 ton bachelors quarters cut into 4 separate units and moved by water.