1. Hurricane-Floated House Restored by Davie Shoring
  2. Davie Shoring Turnkey Home Elevation and Finishing Work in Springfield, Louisiana
  3. Davie Shoring owner Warren Davie posing with an alligator
  4. Davie Shoring Moves Concretes Buildings Over Water
  5. Friends Restaurant in Madisonville LA moved via Barge by Davie Shoring

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We Elevate Homes

Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, Davie Shoring can help you get your home elevated.

We Build Homes

At Davie Shoring, we offer a lot more than just elevating, moving, leveling & shoring homes.

We Move Homes

If you love your home and wish to keep it and move it to a new location, call the experts at Davie Shoring to move your home.

We Level Homes

Davie Shoring uses the most sophisticated tools to ensure that your house is being leveled as precise as possible.

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